Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Odell's truck in the snow.... Pretty view near the ski hill.

I've been relieved to hear that this winter is considered a harsh one. I haven't thought it was so bad! The local people all say that it is an exceptionally cold winter. We've been having fun and I had wondered, "Doesn't it get worse than this?" So this is good news!!

"Snow Therapy"... Many of you know that Kaegan doesn't tolerate cold foods, ice, ice cream, popsicles. Well, he saw the other kids eating snow and now he tastes it every day. Soon, he will be eating tutti-frutti popsicles!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hello again!We have our own computer set up and I am back on-line! Whew! That took a while! So, things are going well. Kaegan and I haven't gotten as much accomplished as I hope to. I think I needed a vacation...we've just been taking it easy and running errands, doing laundry...trying to bake in this altitude...stuff like that. We played in the snowy park one day and we have ice skated several times. Sledding is probably one of the favorite activities. Braeden took his GI Joes out in the snow the other day and had a blast digging tunnels for them. I still don't feel like I know many people, but that's because I don't get out much! I'm homeschooling in the morning and trying to homeschool in the afternoon. It gets dark early and cold early, but the afternoons are bright and sunny. I had my first parent-teacher conferences as parent instead of teacher. That was wierd. Gracyn is working at about second semester 8th grade level in all subjects, and Braeden is right on for a first grader this time of year. They both love art class and recess, although, Gracyn really likes it all. She had a friend over after school the other day and another friend is planning to spend the night Sat. night. Odell is driving to Lake City in his new jeep...he traded in the mini-van because he needs something here to drive to and from the airport. Rentals are VERY expensive here, so he will rent when he is in Houston. If we decide to move back to Houston, we will trade the jeep back in for another mini-van, I guess! Right now, we need a vehicle here and the mini-van would never make it. Well, I have to go get Ricky out of the trashcan...some things just don't change. Miss everyone!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello, All...
Kaegan and I are taking it easy this afternoon at the library where we are borrowing a computer and checking out a Magic Schoolbus book. Odell returns tomorrow night, and we will be glad! We've done ok without him except for a loud noise in the first night that freaked us all out but turned out to be the TV turning on for no apparent reason and I may have fractured some bones in my black and purple foot. Other than that, we have lived peacefully in his absense. I guess we need him back, huh? Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wow! Sara is right. I have been too busy to post! Plus, we don't have our computer set up until next week, so I am only online when borrowing my friends' computer! We are busy, but thinking of all of you Houstonians...in the HEAT...and hoping to see you all soon. The kids have been to the ski hill twice and are really getting the hang of it. They play in the snow every chance they get, sledding and building snow creatures, etc. Yesterday, they made an obstacle course and today, Kaegan and I made a snow-castle. There are deer everywhere that come into our yard as well as big white bunnies. School is going well...I'm about to adjust...the kids adjusted just fine. I am enjoying more time with Kaegan, I must admit, but I wanted my cake and to eat it too which would have been to spend more time with each one of them! Odell is in Houston...you should call him. He will be there until Friday evening. He will work from here next week. Well, love and miss everyone! More soon.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hey Everyone!!!!
Email me! I don't have my computer up, so I don't have many of your addresses. I'm borrowing our friends' computer. If you email me, I'll email you back!

Today is the first day of school for Gracyn and Braeden. It is wierd for me. They seemed to be doing fine when I *finally* left. Kaegan and I checked out some books from the school library and headed over to our friends' house to check email, etc.

In a couple of weeks, you will be able to reach us via a local call from our old number. I'll let you know!

Love and miss all of you!


Sunday, January 01, 2006

We finally made it!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year, Everyone!! It has been really snowing big, beautiful flakes. Although Kaegan is missing in this picture, the kids all worked together to make Mr. Snowman under Kaegan's direction, "He needs a carrot of a nose!" and "Hey, Gracyn, He needs rocks of a mouth!" In the picture, you see Mabree, Gracyn, Maddie, Braeden, and Mariah.

Here's the snowman superviser (Kaegan) leaning against the fence after the snowman has been transformed into a snowwoman. This is in the back of our temporary home.

Ricky loves the snow and runs through it like a bulldozer. He got so covered with snow today, that I had to use a hairdryer to thaw out his fur. He was a little pupcycle!

The kids are having a great time and we are all finally well, we think...

Happy 2006!