Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, I'm setting up this blog because we are thinking of a move to Lake City, Colorado and this will be a great way to keep in touch with people we love . I know it may seem like we've gone crazy, but when you hear the details, it makes sense....
To make a long story semi-short, the school there is a needs based school which means that they don't have a "cookie-cutter" style approach to special needs that bigger schools often have. They are more open to creating a learning environment that meets each child's needs. They don't have a special needs class for severe needs like Kaegan's and so are willing to work with us on forming the program that would continue his development along the lines we have been working. The possibility is there that they might hire me as his teacher and continue with his program as we have had it, less the exuberant expense. This would take a huge load off of Odell. He would have to travel from there to Houston for a while, but could very likely move into a permanent position (because we wouldn't need the bigger income any longer) soon and work from home because Shell really wants him to work for them full time and his relationship with them is such that they will work with us. A lot of things have to come into place for it to happen, but so far, it looks amazingly promising.
Of course, we don't want to leave our friends, and Lake City certainly isn't closer to family as we have wanted, but the situation is one that would better things for our family if it works out. It is beautiful there, too. We went for a week and *think* we could get used to the slow pace of the tiny town. :o) Mark and Mindy and their girls are there, too, so that is goooood.
All good comes from God, so we are thankful to Him for these good things.


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