Monday, November 28, 2005

smithsonianWe are home from our west Texas Thanksgiving. We celebrated Christmas with Odell's family at the same time as Thanksgiving this year. Here are the fun things the kids got from their cousins...

Gracyn-silky, pink pj's; Corsage, the beanie-baby bear; raggedy ann and andy christmas ornaments, and a Nancy Drew computer game.

Kaegan-a magician's costume with top hat, cape and wand; bongo drums, and a lap harp

Braeden-starwars attacktix; GI Joe jeep

They were all very happy.

I got the James Herriot books I wanted, and O got a gift certificate to academy. I guess we will use it to get some warm stuff....


At 6:35 PM, Blogger M&Ms said...

Hi there!
I'm so excited you have a blog. It's fun to read what you've been up to. We are just settling in today. I am just now checking my e-mails. I printed up all the places that advertise for jeeps and we'll check into those. I have to start subbing tomorrow, so Mark will begin checking the housing situation. We are very glad to be home. It was a great trip, but we are ready to get back into the routine of things.
We are so excited for you.


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