Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Well, we got the 10 foot candy canes put up in the yard today! Odell made them a couple of years ago and they are very fun. The kids love them. We got some smaller ones to line the yard as well, so we are candy cane lane! A huge snowman holds a candy cane in the center of it all. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We had a conference call with the special ed. director for Lake City school today. We were very much less than impressed. If the principal/superintendent of Lake City school will only offer what was described to us today, Kaegan will not be a part of their program. They actually offered a 4'x4' space for Kaegan to receive one on one teaching as though that makes sense to anyone. I don't even consider that an appropriate space for my dog. Her big thing is that she wants him included in the regular classroom. I doubt if she has ever even MET a child with autism, yet she knows best. It is irritating for her to call the shots with absolutely no experience at all with autism.... That poor classroom teacher....

They told us that the special needs teacher they have on campus is more than qualified to teach Kaegan which I might buy if she hadn't already told me herself very plainly that she doesn't think she is qualified. Sheeeesh. I must not seem all that bright.

Never-the-less, even if I homeschool Kaegan and we are just not paying all the moolah for his program anymore, it is a relief for Odell, so it isn't a "deal-breaker" that the school won't work out for Kaegan. Besides, there is a possibility that the principal will be her own boss and do something closer to right for Kaegan. If not, though, I wonder about sending any of my kids there. I can't really think that they have the best in mind for any child when they offer a 4x4 space for one of them....hmmm.

I'm not sure how we would do our fun new magic tricks with that small amount of room. And how could we do our amazing long jump? And the peccarie stampede would just be out of the question along with shaking the coconut tree. Just when I'm about to convince him that people are fun, someone has to demonstrate how NOT fun they can be.

I described for her how Kaegan learns best in a distraction-free environment. Mindy, she wants to put him in Maddie's class. Would you call that distraction-free?

The 4x4 space certainly sounds like it meets the distraction-free criteria, though.

bummer, but oh well. At least I don't have to work on my resume.'

Monday, November 28, 2005

smithsonianWe are home from our west Texas Thanksgiving. We celebrated Christmas with Odell's family at the same time as Thanksgiving this year. Here are the fun things the kids got from their cousins...

Gracyn-silky, pink pj's; Corsage, the beanie-baby bear; raggedy ann and andy christmas ornaments, and a Nancy Drew computer game.

Kaegan-a magician's costume with top hat, cape and wand; bongo drums, and a lap harp

Braeden-starwars attacktix; GI Joe jeep

They were all very happy.

I got the James Herriot books I wanted, and O got a gift certificate to academy. I guess we will use it to get some warm stuff....

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We leave for West Texas tomorrow. (I guess I should pack?) We will be back home on Sunday. We will be spending Thanksgiving with Odell's family in Brownfield and exchanging Christmas gifts early. It should be fun. We are excited to see cousins and everyone. We still haven't made any definite decisions about Colorado, but should know something about Odell's job soon. I wonder if Ricky will like snow??? It's exciting to think of moving to such a beautiful *small* town, but hard to think of leaving friends. We have so many really great friends. I guess the Son-Rise way of looking at it would be that we aren't leaving friends behind, but going to where our new friends will be. Our TX friends will just have to take up snow skiing!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Well, the great 3 bedroom place we were hoping to rent in Lake City is not available after all, so that is a bummer. Odell checked with his friend about a house his dad has there, but it doesn't look promising either. We will probably end up in a cute little cabin in town near the city park. It is more than fine, but has no washer/dryer....another bummer. The very good part about the little cabin is that it is right down the street from Mark and Mindy and the girls!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, I'm setting up this blog because we are thinking of a move to Lake City, Colorado and this will be a great way to keep in touch with people we love . I know it may seem like we've gone crazy, but when you hear the details, it makes sense....
To make a long story semi-short, the school there is a needs based school which means that they don't have a "cookie-cutter" style approach to special needs that bigger schools often have. They are more open to creating a learning environment that meets each child's needs. They don't have a special needs class for severe needs like Kaegan's and so are willing to work with us on forming the program that would continue his development along the lines we have been working. The possibility is there that they might hire me as his teacher and continue with his program as we have had it, less the exuberant expense. This would take a huge load off of Odell. He would have to travel from there to Houston for a while, but could very likely move into a permanent position (because we wouldn't need the bigger income any longer) soon and work from home because Shell really wants him to work for them full time and his relationship with them is such that they will work with us. A lot of things have to come into place for it to happen, but so far, it looks amazingly promising.
Of course, we don't want to leave our friends, and Lake City certainly isn't closer to family as we have wanted, but the situation is one that would better things for our family if it works out. It is beautiful there, too. We went for a week and *think* we could get used to the slow pace of the tiny town. :o) Mark and Mindy and their girls are there, too, so that is goooood.
All good comes from God, so we are thankful to Him for these good things.