Monday, January 30, 2006

Hello again!We have our own computer set up and I am back on-line! Whew! That took a while! So, things are going well. Kaegan and I haven't gotten as much accomplished as I hope to. I think I needed a vacation...we've just been taking it easy and running errands, doing laundry...trying to bake in this altitude...stuff like that. We played in the snowy park one day and we have ice skated several times. Sledding is probably one of the favorite activities. Braeden took his GI Joes out in the snow the other day and had a blast digging tunnels for them. I still don't feel like I know many people, but that's because I don't get out much! I'm homeschooling in the morning and trying to homeschool in the afternoon. It gets dark early and cold early, but the afternoons are bright and sunny. I had my first parent-teacher conferences as parent instead of teacher. That was wierd. Gracyn is working at about second semester 8th grade level in all subjects, and Braeden is right on for a first grader this time of year. They both love art class and recess, although, Gracyn really likes it all. She had a friend over after school the other day and another friend is planning to spend the night Sat. night. Odell is driving to Lake City in his new jeep...he traded in the mini-van because he needs something here to drive to and from the airport. Rentals are VERY expensive here, so he will rent when he is in Houston. If we decide to move back to Houston, we will trade the jeep back in for another mini-van, I guess! Right now, we need a vehicle here and the mini-van would never make it. Well, I have to go get Ricky out of the trashcan...some things just don't change. Miss everyone!


At 12:13 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Did you get my email with the dates? I am so glad to hear that Gracyn is a genius. She should skip some grades and be done sooner! By the way...will you teach my kids one day? lol. I miss you all! Much love!


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