Friday, December 09, 2005

Here are our plans as they stand now...
We will plan to leave for Midland to visit my family for the holidays on Friday, the 23rd. We will leave Midland the day after Christmas to head toward Lake City (too bad we can't be there Christmas morning for a white Christmas). We will arrive in Lake City on the 27th (sometime!) and stay temporarily at a cabin very generously offered to us by the school secretary. Odell says that we will have to get settled before the weekend which he has decided to reserve for snow-mobiling. Now, who do we know with snow-mobiles??

We will plan to move into a cute little cabin just down from the McClungs (who have snow-mobiles) mid-January and stay there until we find something else better, but we really like the little cabin so it may be "better."

We figure we will test the waters (or snow), so to speak, discover whether or not Lake City will fit our family and then make a decision about a permanent move sometime within the school semester. Gracyn wants to attend Lake City school full-time. Braeden will attend part time. Kaegan will homeschool full-time. We will get to know the community and hopefully intrigue the school personnel with Kaegan's progress so that they want to know more. Maybe we can work together as time goes on.

I'm about to order the kids' snowboots...If we can make it through the winter, the rest should be easy, right?


At 3:23 PM, Blogger Sara said...

The LUV presentation went very well. I will find out what I got on it Wednesday. My professor said he wishes I was around when his son was young to work with him.

I'm sad that you are leaving so soon. That only gives me a few days with you. :-(


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