Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Odell's truck in the snow.... Pretty view near the ski hill.

I've been relieved to hear that this winter is considered a harsh one. I haven't thought it was so bad! The local people all say that it is an exceptionally cold winter. We've been having fun and I had wondered, "Doesn't it get worse than this?" So this is good news!!

"Snow Therapy"... Many of you know that Kaegan doesn't tolerate cold foods, ice, ice cream, popsicles. Well, he saw the other kids eating snow and now he tastes it every day. Soon, he will be eating tutti-frutti popsicles!


At 9:29 AM, Blogger Sara said...

It's so wonderful to hear that KK is trying new things!!! Yay Kaegan!!! I miss you all a lot right now. I wish you were only an hour away because I'd com see you right now!

At 11:23 AM, Blogger white witch said...

Wow! So glad to see a new post! I love seeing the snow pictures - yes I have snow envy. I'm waiting for a cold day to wear my scarf!!! We are having a very warm winter. The whole car thing is confusing me. What is he driving when he gets to Houston? I feel blond today.
Love you guys and glad to hear the kids are doing so well. Tell everyone hi for us.
Melodee and the gang


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